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SPARK with the punch line of fueling innovation is a first and at present only one of its kind initiative. The program is committed towards establishing a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes creativity and the spirit of innovation among the students. The program aims to promote research at the under graduate (UG) level. The concept of UG research is slightly different than the conventional definition of research whose objective is to create new technologies in order to solve real world problems. On the other hand the former is more concerned about finding out solutions by innovative use of existing technology. The former type of research is also characterized by its focus on creating products or services that are either commercially viable or socially useful. The thought process that has led to its foundation is not only industry recommended but in perfect sync with the present age - the age of ideas and innovations. Spark is a humble effort to assimilate this developing groundswell of innovative thinking in our culture.

With an annual budget of Rs. 25 Lakh the program is committed to not let any innovative idea die before even being born because of lack of financial or technical support. At the functional level the program encourages the students and faculty members to come up with innovative ideas that can be converted into commercially viable or socially useful products and services.

Spark program is also seen as a feeder program to the institute hosted Technology Business Incubator (TBI), wherein budding entrepreneurs are given generous financial support by MSME to establish their ideas as business ventures.


Process conceptualized to collect innovative Ideas