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ABESEC is a coalition of best of Industries and Academics in the belief that societal augmentation can only be envisioned through influential Edification. ABESEC family is contributing in the welfare of country in a form of preparing endowed and eminent young minds in the field of Engineering and Management. We are not only focusing on imparting education and training but also preparing a resilient and treasured human resource, who not only shine as stars but pave the path of prosper future like many suns..

Since 1999, ABESEC has traveled a long way. It has successfully lived its dream through the Society for Education Excellence, SEE, to be the number one institute of Delhi-NCR. The objective of our dream was to prepare promising and efficient Technocrats and competent Managers, which has been achieved since the very inception and the same will continue in the years to come.

It would have been impossible to successfully survive for such a long period and achieve these many milestones without the support of a well versed, highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and staff. All these years have witnessed the success story of our institution in the form of various achievements by our students. We have not only achieved our dream, however, we have made a place in the heart of society as one of the prestigious institutions of our country. For me, it’s like a dream come true and I promise that we will continue the same legacy for many more years.

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