Vision & Mission


To take the ABES Engineering College by the year 2020 to such a level that it is an equal partner of the other leading institutions of the world to provide leadership to the international education system and is rated as one of the top world institutions which produces world-class competent and dedicated technical and managerial human resource embedded in traditional Indian values and positive attitudes.


  • 01To create an ambiance for healthy teaching-learning process.
  • 02To nurture the students and infuse in them
    • A passion to excel professionally
    • A spirit to be of utmost use to the industry, corporate sector and the society at large
    • An intense desire to take challenging responsibilities and leadership roles
    • A craving to be wholesome good human beings
  • 03To develop an environment for creating new knowledge through research and by thriving to explore innovative ideas.

Quality Policy

To continuously thrive to provide a congenial and wholesome academic environment and a healthy culture for faculty, staff and students which would motivate teachers’ full participation with passion and develop an intense desire in the students to acquire comprehensive education and hence become a useful and confident human resource for the industry and academia.

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