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Financial support provided to PG Students

Financial Assistantship : The institute provides financial Assistance ship to M. Tech. students. Financial assistance ship is 7000/- Rs per month in First Year and 8000/- Rs per month in second year. Financial Asstantship is applicable for 8 months in an academic session

  • The Institute may provide financial assistance to postgraduate students in the form of teaching or research assistantships (referred to as Institute Assistantship). Assistantships are awarded on a semester to semester basis for a period of up to four  semesters  for M.Tech. Students.
  • A student is expected to devote about Twelve hours per week towards job(s) assigned to him/her by the department. The renewal of assistantship is contingent on the student’s satisfactory performance in the academic programme and in the satisfactory discharge of assistantship duties as assigned to him by the department.
  • In addition to the students admitted with financial assistance, students may also be admitted to the M.Tech. programmes on a self-financing basis.
  • Financial assistantship will be decided at the time of admission on the basis of student’s performance in interview conducted by the department.
  • Financial assistantship will not be provided during vacations (Summer/Winter). It will be provided for maximum 08 months in an academic session.
  • In  addition,  a  student  may  be  allowed  casual  leave  for  up  to  4  days  per  semester. The casual leave cannot be combined with any other kind of leave, and will not be carried over.
  • There  will  be  no  loss  of  financial  assistantship  for  students  going  on  prior  sanctioned casual leave.
  • AsLeave on medical ground, duly supported by a medical certificate from InstituteHealth Centre/Chief Medical Officer of the Govt. Hospital may be granted to a student for up to eight days per semester. However, at a stretch, the medical leave shall not exceed 15 days. Such leave shall not entail any loss of financial assistantship. In case the students requires more leave as advised by the medical officer his registration shall stand automatically withdrawn for that semester
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