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M.Tech CSE

PG Students Research Publications

  • Review on Text Mining Algorithms, IJCA, Jan-2016.
  • Study of Data Mining Algorithms in the Context of Performance Enhancement of Classification, IJCA, Jan-2016.
  • Role of Kernel Parameters in Performance Evaluation of Support Vector Machine, CICT, Feb-2016.
  • Feature Based Performance Evaluation of Support Vector Machine on Binary Classification, CICT, Feb-2016.
  • Review on In-Patient Hospital Stay, International Journal of Computer Applications 155(12):41-49, December 2016.
  • Impact of Genetic Algorithm on Time Series Data, Ninth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) March 2017.
  • Text Feature Assessment in Binary Classification, ICCCA, IEEE, May-2017.
  • Machine Learning: A Review on Binary Classification, International Journal of Computer Applications Volume 160 – No 7, February 2017
  • Optimizing the Performance of Edge Detection Algorithm for Digital Images,ictt17

University Research Center

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is also established as research center by the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (APJAKTU) Lucknow in 2015.

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