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M.Tech ECE

Research Group Specialization

Student Name Disseration Title Guide Name
Ms. Mili Verma A Decentralization Damage Detection for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Dr. Himani Garg/Mr. Navneet Sharma
Ms. Jyati Saxena Remote traffic control and monitoring system Ms. Ranjeeta Yadav/Prof(Dr.) S. K. Singh
Ms. Shubhangi Chakole Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction in LTE-OFDMA Ms. Dipa Nitin Kokane/Prof(Dr.) S. K. Singh
Ms. Shaifali Shrivastava On OSPF Performance Analysis Dr. Himani Garg
Mr. Anuj Kumar Underwater Communication using IDMA Ms. Dipa Nitin Kokane/Mr. Shilendra Bisariya
Mr. Ashish Sachan Reducing the Peak to Average Power Ratio Problem in OFDM Ms. Dipa Nitin kokane
Amit Kumar Srivastav Ameliorated Structure of Current Controlled Conveyor (CCCIT) and its Performance Mr. Deepak Garg
Ms. Aarti Bhaskar Performance Analysis of n-fin FET by Using Different Doping Mr. Deepak Chaudhary/Dr. Astik Biswas
Namrata Rastogi Improved Chracteristics of Microstrip Patch Anteena Using Reactive Impedance Surface Ms. Rakhi Kumari/Ms. Dipa Nitin Kokane
Vaishnavi Verma Miniaturization and Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna by Using DGS Mr. Deepak Chaudhary/ Ms. Ranjeeta Yadav
Manisha Gupta Dual Band/Dual Polarization Antenna Mr. Rakesh Kumar/Dr. Sachin Gupta
Gitanjali Sharma VLSI Implementation of Parallel Prefix Adder Mr. Shailendra Bisariya/Mr. Deepak Garg
Adiya Narayan Tripathi Design and Analysis of atch Antenna Mr. Abhay Goyal/Dr. Himani Garg
Sonal Gupta Improvement of waveguide design parameter to reduce crosstalk between the waveguide. Mr. Mudit Saxena
Kunjali Bhardwaj Using minimal paths algorithm for measurement of network reliability. Dr. Neerja Jinadal
Renu Shrama Designing and simulation of Pythagorean multiband tree antenna. Ms.Dipa Nitin Kokane
Priyanka Rani Extraction of face features using Gabor filter with support vector machine and neural. Dr. Deepak Garg
Mr. Ashish Performance analysis of n-fin FET by using different gate material oxides. Mr. Sanjay Mahawar/ Dr. S.K.Singh
Ruchi Giri Performance Analysis of different modulation techniques in multipath fading channel for W-CDMA Prof. Arun Kumar Arora
Bhavana Varshney FDTD and FEM Analysis of horn antenna Mr. Manish
Chinmayee Jena Nondestructive evaluation with active infrared thermography Mr. Alok Kumar Singh
RamitLala Modified neural network for face and eye recognition Mr. Alok Kumar Singh
Ms. RomyaBhatngar Harmonic reduction in PWM Inverter using Fuzzy Logic Prof. Malik Moazzam Anwar
Ms. Ruby Shukla Analysis of image watermarking LSB modification and spread spectrum technique Mr. Manish
Vaibhav jain Analysis and determination of limit cycle in second and higher order analog filter Dr. Deepak Garg
Ruby Shukla Analysis of image water marking: LSB modification and spread spectrum Technique Mr. Manish
Sadhna Pal Technique for removal of base line fluctuation in electro-gram signal Mr. Manish
Alka Singh Recognition of speaker using MFCC & Delta MFCC. Ms.Surekha Ghangas
Ruchi Modi Power efficient free space MIMO wireless communication using spatial diversity. Dr.Deepak Garg
Akhilesh Kumar Verma Multiple input Multiple output System for digital communication system. Mr.Manish
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