Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The faculty members at EN are involved in development of low cost prototypes/ products. The idea is to provide safe and cheap solutions to the market. Following are the two products that have got funding from MSME:

Name of Product About Product
Smart shoes for the blind Smart Shoes for the blind is an attempt to make the lives of the visually challenged simpler. These shoes provide feedback to the blind to detect the pathways and obstacles. The obstacle detection is done through ultrasonic sensors and the feedback is provided to the person through a vibrator. The programming of this system is done on Arduino and rechargeable batteries have been used to provide power to the device.
Accident reduction in thresher According to a study by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), of the total farm accidents in Punjab, accidents due to threshers account for 35.2%. These accidents have caused untold suffering to the operators of these threshers in Punjab as well as other states, who have lost their limbs and at times, even life. On paper, various types of test codes have been prescribed to make threshers safe. Even ‘Dangerous Machine Act 1983’ is also in vogue. Yet despite all these efforts, the occurrence of thresher accidents remains as high as 19.2%. The project designed will help to reduce such accidents due to thresher by bringing the motor to halt instantly as soon as it senses the hands of the operator, thereby, saving the life of the operator.
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