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Dr. Rajendra Kumar ShuklaHead of the Department

The Mechanical Engineering offers Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs that prepare students for tomorrow’s rapidly evolving technological environment.

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It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the ABES Engineering College. Mechanical Engineering has been traditionally thought of as a professional discipline, applying principles from engineering, physics in design and analysis, manufacturing of mechanical systems, and the associated transfer and flow of energies from one form to another.

The Department offers Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs that prepare students for tomorrow’s rapidly evolving technological environment. The department has modern infrastructure to undertake high-end teaching, research and developmental activities in its various laboratories.Our undergraduates and graduate students, conduct fundamental and applied research at the cutting edge of Science and Technology along with incubating successful technical ventures.

Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly motivated. Our students work closely with these faculties while advancing the frontiers of next generation engineering and technology. The primary focus is to impart technical hands on know-how to students, promote their problem solving skills and innovation of new technologies. Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake various research projects under the guidance of experienced industrial experts. The Department also maintains active research groups for carrying out collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

We always intend to impart knowledge through a closed knit family of highly competent faculty. Our laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabi but also to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which facilitates comprehensive understanding of the subject (both the practical and theoretical aspects) and develop skill sets of students to become promising engineers in future.

The Department looks forward to contribute in solving the technological challenges of the society with active participation from all sections of the society.

Thank you for visiting and supporting us for incredible technical happenings!
Best wishes,
Rajendra Kumar Shukla, PhD
Head of the Department and Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering

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