Mechanical Engineering

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Mechanical Engineering Program at ABES EC is designed to prepare its graduates for continued learning and successful careers in industry, government, academia and consulting. Our graduates are expected to:
PEO1: Apply Engineering knowledge and critical thinking across the disciplines and emerging areas of Mechanical Engineering for higher studies, research, employability and to handle the real life problems.
PEO2: Inculcate communication skills, ethical conduct, and understand legal and cultural aspects to serve the society.
PEO3: Develop managerial skills, team spirit, leadership qualities, and engage in lifelong learning for a successful professional career.
PEO4: Strengthen their ability to adopt technological changes for developing innovative and sustainable solutions considering health, safety and environmental aspects.

Programme Outcomes (PO)

At the end of the Programme, a graduate will be able to
PO1: Apply the knowledge of basic sciences and fundamental engineering concepts in solving engineering problems.
PO2: Apply the principles of mathematics, natural sciences and mechanical engineering science to identify, formulate, review, and analyze complex engineering problems.
PO3: An ability to design a mechanical engineering based system, components or processes to meet desired needs with a focus on public health & safety, culture, society, and environment.
PO4: Use of research-based knowledge to perform investigations, design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results to provide valid conclusions.
PO5: Select/develop and apply appropriate techniques and IT tools for the design & analysis of complex engineering problems.
PO6: Give reasoning and assess societal, health, legal and cultural issues with competency in professional engineering practice.
PO7: Understand professional responsibility, accountability and demonstrate the need for sustainability.
PO8: Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical practices.
PO9: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multi-disciplinary situations.
PO10: Communicate effectively among engineering community, being able to comprehend and write effectively reports, presentation and give / receive clears instructions.
PO11: Understand the basic engineering and managerial principles and apply them to demonstrate for managing projects in multidisciplinary environment.
PO12: Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning for sustaining in changing technological environment.

Programme specific outcomes (PSO)

Mechanical Engineering Program at ABES EC will be able to:
PSO1: Empower the students to apply their practical skills and knowledge in major streams such as thermal, design, manufacturing and industrial engineering.
PSO2: Prepare the students for building their careers in different industries or pursue higher studies in mechanical engineering and able to solve interdisciplinary problems along with human values, and professional ethics.
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Mechanical Engineering Department

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