Improved Attribute based Encryption Scheme in cloud to Representative Authorization Framework for EHR Services

  • Ashish Sharma et al.


In exchange of health information, an emerging patient-centric model is ElectronicHealth Record (EHR).  ElectronicHealth Record (EHR) is stored in cloud service or outsourced. Exposing these data to third party server and unauthorized user leads to the security issues in the cloud. The EHR is encrypted before storing it in the cloud. This is done to ensure the user with control of their data.

The fine-grained as well as cryptographically enforced data access control is still having the issues with exposure of privacy, key management scalability, efficient and flexible access. To rectify this issues, Improved attribute based encryption (IABE) is proposed in this scheme for encrypting EHR file of every patient.

Previous works are not focused about multiple data owner situation. In this proposed work, it is dealt by dividing the EHR system users into various domains of security. The complexity in key management is highly reduced by this. The proposed scheme shown its ability in giving security, efficiency and scalability.