Industry connect program is a unique initiative of the institute that takes learning beyond academic boundaries into the domain of industrial world, in a step by step manner. We follow the step-up philosophy for industry academia integration and do not work in isolation with industry. In fact we want students to experience industry in the institutional premises, and the industry connect program is a meticulously designed approach towards this end.

Steps Involved

  • Self Identification : Start the journey and continuously keep identifying yourself, your specific interest in technology areas, what comes natural to you. Your faculty will help you in this self-realization.
  • Work on innovation and challenges (BITS – CARE) : Grab opportunities to work on practical implementation of your theoretical knowledge. We will provide you enough opportunities to implement your thoughts and help you convert them into products. The final outcome could be a software based product or a hardware based product. Get used to working in state of art industry oriented infrastructure.
  • Groom yourself for the Industry (CBSE – Training) : Whether you want to be an engineer or a designer, you need to know your industry of interest. You need to understand what they expect in fresh talent. You need to get ready and aligned to these opportunities. We will get you ready for these opportunities, rest assured.
  • Acquire Skills (CBSE – Centre of Excellence) : Go beyond academics, get trained on industry oriented skills, be it soft skills or hard skills, be it software skills or hardware skills, be it project skills or competition success skills, you will have a lot at your disposal.
  • Gain Project Experience (BITS – Industry based live projects) : Real world companies, real world projects and there you are, facing opportunities to directly work with industry even before joining them. Learn the corporate skills first hand, deliver solutions first hand and understand the principles of discipline of time, team work and process orientation.
  • Ready for the world (CCPD / Startup Labs) : If you have gone through the grill of the above five steps, no one can stop you. Be the performer you always wanted to be. Get ready for reward and recognition and a fast career growth. We will get you ready for facing the interview boards of the best brands. We will get the best brands in the campus for placement rounds and will provide opportunity to all the eligible students amongst your batch to get selected in an industry of your choice.

We also encourage students to pursue their entrepreneurial inclination through our highly successful Startup Lab initiatives.

All the best!

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