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Recent Programs

Product and Service Development Programs

CARE had been running various programs to help students convert their innovative ideas into products and services. Under such programs the center apart from extending financial support to student teams also handholds the teams till the stage of prototype.

Idea 51 2016
The process of selecting ideas started from April 2016 and the program was officially declared close in September 2016. More than 64 students with 27 ideas participated in this program. Out of 27 ideas 9 prototypes were developed and 3 were applied for patenting. Around Rs227,351 were spent on the program. Following is a brief description of patented ideas.

Program Name Description Time Outcome
sae-baja-2018-19 This competition offers a platform for young engineering talent to showcase their skills and transform their theoretical knowledge into practical experience as they compete to build an ideal all-terrain vehicle. The theme for this season is Adventure Reloaded. BAJA SAEINDIA would like the teams to experience this journey of adventure comprising designing, manufacturing, driving, teamwork and a lifetime opportunity to live the foremost level of difficulty. This year the event will be organized at the following two locations – IIT Ropar and Indore June, 2018 to January, 2019 Ongoing
operating-life-testing-machine–LGF–2018-19 This project has been awarded to us by LGF SYSMAC. The company established in 2000 has been a market leader in offering a wide range of products and complete solutions catering to individual demands of the Construction and Building industry. May to September, 2018 Ongoing
sae-efficycle-2018 The events provides an opportunity to the students to conceive, design and fabricate a three wheel configuration vehicle powered by human and electric sources and capable of seating two passengers. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, engineered for performance and safety and ergonomically designed. The objective is to promote innovation and generate consciousness amongst the young engineers towards environment friendly mobility solutions. April to October, 2018 Ongoing
Product Name Description
MPU6050 Serial Wrapper A hardware wrapper over MPU6050 inertial motion sensor. The initial set-up of MPU6050 involves customizing a third party I2C library as per our need, which seems unnecessary for most of the ground based robotic application where only heading value (yaw) is required. The proposed device having its own dedicated CPU and will not put extra strain over the main MCU of the application and will make heading values available in standard serial format.
Black/White Board Notes Maker A device which will capture all the board contents of a lecture in a single PDF file and upload it on a central server which will be accessible to students. Just before clearing the board-off, faculty will have to press a button at some convenient location close to the board. Prospective users (students who have missed the class, or have missed taking notes or anybody else who has some interest in the lecture) can access the board content from a globally accessible portal. They search the content by day, classroom number, department and time.
Milk/Tea spill over (during boiling) detection device When milk or tea is about to boil, this simple device will alert the user by sounding an alarm.A timely alert will prevent the milk/tea from spilling over.

Idea 51 2017Idea 51 – 2017 was the third version of annual product development programs run by CARE. This version focussed on the quality of the outcome rather than number of projects executed. Keeping this in mind, a one week training (BLE SoC Training) was organized in March, 2017. The training was an attempt to impart skills required for programming BLE SoC manufactured by Cypress. This skill is extremely helpful in developing commercial products in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT). Subsequent to the training the team (consisting of faculty members entirely) started working on three project ideas. Two of them were successfully prototyped and demonstrated. Following is the details of identified ideas.

Product Name Description Status
Smart Socket A device, which, when hooked into any standard electrical socket, will render the socket operable with a smartphone. Something similar to Oakter: Prototype Completed
Power Monitor A device, which can be hooked into any standard power socket, will measure the amount of power consumed by the appliance plugged into it. The device will keep a record of power consumed and can communicate the power consumption data to a smartphone over BLE. Prototype Completed
Automatic Attendance System A system to automate attendance taking process in class-room or other settings. The system will be in the form of an ID card of the student and a smartphone app. The device will keep on broadcasting its id (within a limited range of 10 meters) which can be captured by the smart phone thus registering its presence. Postponed for later

Project Based Training in Android 2016A two months hands-on training on Android technology was delivered by one of the faculty members. Total 35 students from 2 different departments participated till the development phase. Two Android applications were listed on Google Play Store.

Competitive Programs

Under this set of programs we motivate students to participate in various national and international design and manufacturing competitions. The genre of competitions range from mechanical and electronics systems design and manufacturing to the design and implementation of better and faster algorithms to run these programs. Our teams have been consistently performing well in these types of competitions.

Electric Solar Vehicle Challenge 2016

Electric solar vehicle championship is Asia’s largest solar championship. The objective of the championship is to stimulate research and development of sustainable transport. Teams are supposed to use electric motor to run their vehicle. Our team secured an all India 6th rank from among more than 100 participating teams and also bagged 5 non tournament prizes like Best Design and Best Buisness Plan awards.

Efficycle 2016

SAE Efficycle is a national level student’s design competition organized annually by Society of Automotive Engineers – India. The participating teams are expected to design and manufacture a hybrid vehicle (human and battery powered) that can accommodate two passengers. We have been participating in this prestigious competition since 2012. In the most recent competition our team secured an All India Rank of 28 from among 108 participating teams. The expense incurred in this competition was around Rs 3 Lakh.

Robocon 2016

Robocon (short for Robotic Contest) is organized by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), a collection of over 20 countries of Asia Pacific Region. The broadcasters of each participant country are responsible for conducting their national contests to select the team which will represent their country in the International Contest. Teams from Engineering and Technological colleges are eligible for participation. Our maiden participation in this prestigious event was in the year 2012. Our team secured an all India rank of 30 out of 67 participants. Since last three years we have been continuously participating in this competition. This year we secured an all India rank of 25 from among around 100 participating teams.

UAV Challenge Medical Express Australia 2016

The UAV Challenge Medical Express is an unmanned aircraft competition that demonstrates the use of robotic aircraft for medical sample retrieval and medical delivery. One of the most prestigious challenges in the world, it is sponsored each year by a collection of industry, government and research agencies. The lists of sponsors include the Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Government among others. Our team secured 11 rank in the world among 64 participating teams.

India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2016

It is a national level design and innovation contest organized by Texas Instruments in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology (DST), anchored by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore and supported by MyGov. The contest is open to all students pursuing bachelors, masters or doctoral programs in engineering.

The event invited technology-based business ideas from students to help them become a viable business entity. The event involved technical support from Texas Instruments, business mentorship and incubation from IIM Bangalore and seed funding of INR 2 Crores and product development fund of INR 1.5 crores from the Department of Science and Technology (DST). Two of our teams reached up-to-the quarter-final stage of the competition. It is to be noted that out of 1300 participating teams only 428 teams reached up-to quarter-final stage.

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