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The Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL), is established to enhance the quality of teaching and learning process of faculty and students at ABES Engineering College. This initiative was started to fill the gap in engineering education based on the finding that that even in the subjects of very experienced faculty, who have good command over the subject; students could only retain 10-15% of the content after 15-20 days. We found that the conventional passive teaching methods of lecturing at length were found to be the main cause of these problems. we are remote center of NMEICT(IIT-B) Hence, at ABESEC Mr Somendra Shukla took an initiative to establish E-learning through CETL. It has been well recognised at AKTU. The Centre engages in a range of professional development activities that seek to provide teaching staff with the requisite pedagogical skills to improve the learning that takes place in their classrooms, as well as strategies for gaining knowledge about trends and developments in learning and teaching in higher education. We have a youtube channel with over 7889+ subscribers and 212 videos have been uploaded. Every day 4-5 video lectures are recorded and uploaded on our Youtube channel.
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