Teaching Learning

The Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL), was established to enhance the quality of teaching of the faculty at ABES Engineering College. A problem in engineering education is always felt and remains unanswered most of the times that even in the subjects of very experienced faculty, having good command over the subject; students could hardly retain 10‐15% of the whole lecture just after a short period of 15‐20 days.These problems were found in the DNA part of the teaching process; the very fundamental approach towards teaching. The conventional passive teaching methods of lecturing at length were found to be the main cause of these problems.

ABES wanted to tackle this issue and so decided to establish a dedicated centre named CETL (Centre of Excellence for teaching and learning) equipped with the latest technology, tools and supporting infrastructure and a committed team to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching learning process at the institute. The Centre engages in a range of professional development activities that seek to provide teaching staff with the requisite pedagogical skills to improve the learning that takes place in their classrooms, as well as strategies for gaining knowledge about trends and developments in learning and teaching in higher education.

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