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Employability Enhancement

ABESEC-Employability Enhancement-CBSE
ABESEC-Employability Enhancement

The advent of globalization has opened up Indian economy to the outside world. The competition among industries has become stiff; therefore it is urgently needed to prepare engineering students for jobs in multinational companies, by exposing them to newer technologies and engineering methodologies. CBSE is there to create a healthy environment by engaging Industry and Academia resources combined in skill building programs. A gap between training and placements is usually observed in academics and to combat this gap, skill building programs are designed with industries. This approach has ensured better interaction between industry and academia, enhancing relevant skills and also innovative thinking amongst the students.

CBSE is working on Industry-Institute Interaction and preparing manpower of world class in the field of science and technology by inculcating various skills required by the industry. Though the availability of manpower is abundant in India, well-equipped manpower with employability skills is the real need of the hour. There is a need to create avenues for close academia and industry interaction through all the phases of technology development, starting from conceptualizing to commercialization.

This vision can only be achieved well by regular better interaction between technical institutions and industry. The rise of a global knowledge economy has intensified the need for strategic partnerships. The Institutes are imparting the basic knowledge and skill, but the Industry-Institute Interaction will enable to undertake research by staff and students relevant to the industry. CBSE allows you to peep into the real world before entering into it and making the transition smooth from academics to organizations for students.

Vision & Mission


To build a world-class Employability Skills facility, which works as a bridge between the students and industry.


  • 01To produce skilled and employable manpower as per industry requirement.
  • 02To provide a platform for experiential learning through projects and training.
  • 03To open a two way communication between resource and industry with various opportunities.
  • 04To give industrial exposure on all the latest technologies and bring opportunities for mutual growth.
  • 05To enhance the confidence of resources in terms professional and personal skills along with numerous placement opportunities.
  • 06To support placements cell through industry ready and technically equipped students.
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