ABES-NI Innovation Centre

Engineers and scientists commonly use data acquisition hardware and software to automate the operation of processes and machinery without human interaction. Applications range from simple on/off actuator control to advanced closed-loop control with multiple inputs and outputs. The flexibility and productivity is provided by NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware and LabVIEW software for PC-based

control and automation. Manufacturing lines consist of numerous decoupled systems for automation, control, measurement, machine monitoring, and many other functions. Historically, these systems have stood alone – both from each other and from company enterprise networks. Each system performed its function in relative isolation – controlling the conveyor system, monitoring compressor bearing vibration, performing end-of-line electronics functional test, and so on. These hardware devices offer multifunction input and output for analog and discrete measurements along with a complete line of signal conditioning hardware necessary to acquire any signal from any sensor.


To bridge the gap between Industry & academics through PC based instrumentation automation approach. To nurture skills among young engineering minds by establishing Innovation Centre is association with National Instruments INDIA.

Technologies Covered

  • Virtual Instrumentation (PC Based Automation)
  • LabVIEW 2013 Software
  • myDAQ
  • myRIO
  • C-series DAQ Cards
  • C-DAQ
  • C-RIO
  • sbRIO Robotics Kit
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