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Business English Language Training – BELT

CBSE has taken a new initiative to enhance the language skills of each student. Proficiency in English language is absolutely essential for securing suitable employment, qualifying different competitive exams and performing well at academics. Keeping these objectives in mind, a test was conducted. It was found out that a very large number of students required supplementary remedial English classes.

Therefore, a very elaborate program has been designed to improve the linguistic skills of the students.


The objective of the program is to improve the speaking, writing, listening, reading and thinking skills of the students. Exercises include comprehension, rearrangement of sentences, cloze passages and detailed exercises on grammar, listening, speaking and writing. The latest technology of Google Quizzes is being extensively used to improve the skills of the students.

Programs Covered

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Spoken English
  • Written English


  • Increasing Trend in Placement since 2013
  • Confidence in Spoken English
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