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Under the incubation programme various startups have been supported. The details are mentioned below

YCD Service P Ltd

YouCanDo (YCD) is a journey started with an idea to fabricate a real “go-to” brand driven by student needs and aspir ations. The young generation has emerged out to be the foundation bricks of the new era of Innovation and Creativity. We strive to provide this young brigade the best of the advantages and benefits they deserve. We work for YOU, so you CAN, follow your dreams and DO achieve your goals. Our aim is to connect to every Student in India and provide a niche tailored platform that enriches everyday life. “Student life is a lot of fun, and we are here to help you make the most of it.”

Rituraj Tyagi
(B Tech CS 2004)


Co-founders: Sahil Gupta, Gaurav Patel, Sakar Aggarwal & Prateek Gupta (B Tech, EC, 4th Yr)


Pulsifer is a marketplace to get best-animated explainer video for your company at an affordable cost. We build Pulsifyer to solve the problem of getting affordable animated explainer video for your business/product. In India, the biggest problem in getting an effective animated video is the high cost associated. We are trying to solve this problem with a barter system where we make explainer videos for startups just for $99 and they promote us in their network.During the course of 1 year, we have worked with more than 25+ early stage startups to understand their needs and provide them with a video that can help them to showcase their business better. Now that we have been able to develop a process that can be generalised for early stage startups, we want to expand and reach out to more startups whom we can help. The goal is to create a good team and help 250+ startups by the year end.Also we are expanding to other domains where videos can be a huge success like video for wedding invitations, video resume, videos for politicians and gift videos.

Divya Kshitij Srivastava
Anurag Santhalia
B.Tech. IT. 3rdyear

Sampada Venture

Sampada Ventures is an initiative to tackle the problems of environment by utilization of the best skills and innovation and make the earth a better place to live in. We believe that nothing in this world is waste but resource and thereby the name “Sampada Ventures”, Because Everything is a resource.We focus on the problems of Solid Waste Management. About 50 percent of the waste thrown in India on the landfills is biodegradable. Moreover the rate with which the plants and trees are diminishing day by day, there is a serious concern over the climate change. There are problems related to the burning fossil fuels and the use of non-conventional sources of energy.

Founder & Co-founder
Avnish Kr. Jaiswal
Anuj Kumar
Deependra Singh Yadav
B.Tech. Civil 3rdyear

Rent-It-Out (RIO)

RentItOut better known as RIO is India’s first social-network for rental places and places in general. Whether you are looking for rooms, flats, office spaces, ATM spaces, co-working spaces on rent or own one and want to post on rent to find suitable tenants, RIO is a one-platform solution for both.It’s not a place that sells accommodation online, we use next-gen technologies like AI, image processing and Machine Learning to enhance your living experience. RIO knows you,and aims to fundamentally change the way people have been renting their properties. No more TO-LET boards, renting has never been easier

Ankit Yadav
B.Tech. EC. 2ndyear


Akash Puri, the alumni of 2014 batch, had always been an enthusiastic and diligent person. Having completed his B.Tech in Computer Science, he got placed with Cognizant in Kolkata. But the fire in his belly to do something big didn’t let him stay there for long. He left Cognizant and joined a start-up in Noida. The entrepreneur in him kept growing and he launched his own services firm “Design Coolie” with one of his dear friends. Sooner, he found an opportunity at a product based start-up and moved there. Ziffy Homes, where he has worked as technical lead, was a successful journey. His role in other products like CarPathy has been exceptional.In his pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams, he is now working on a very powerful platform called ReClipped founded by IIT-IIM alumnus.ReClipped uniquely allows students and teachers to create notes on online videos. At the moment it supports platforms like Coursera, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and many more.When asked about Reclipped he told us “Videos have replaced text on the internet, soon 80% of internet traffic will be in the form of videos. Further, more and more people prefer watching videos rather than read text for their studies but there is NO way to create notes on such videos! Today there is no way for me highlights videos the way I highlight text in my books! And that is what ReClipped is going to do. Once you create these notes, you can easily revisit just those parts for revision or share with your friends for group studies. Akash believes that ReClipped can be the next big thing and will be of immense help to all the students as well as faculty.”
Visit us: www.reclipped.com

Akash Puri
B.Tech. CSE

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