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Pelicula – The Movie Club

ABESEC-Pelicula Club-LogoABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad has taken an initiative to enhance the communication skill of each student through movie Clips. This initiative later came into an existence as a club in the year 2016 and become popular as Pelicula – The Movie Club. Under Pelicula Movie Club many competitions based on movies have been conducted so far and student participation enthusiastically. The club of the students, for the students and by students made it popular amount college.



  • To enhance the communication skills of students, faculty and staff members of ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.
  • To increase the motivational level of each viewer by showcasing motivational and inspirational movies and also help them relieving their stress.
  • To develop the management skill among club members and provide the opportunities to handle real time situations.
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