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Spirituality & Yoga

ABESEC-Spirituality and Yoga-Club-LogoSpirituality is like an adventure park waiting to be explored. Spirituality can be thought of as the active ingredient of major world religious. Why not think of special dimension as a kind of adventure playground, a place to learn in and have fun, and a place in which to extend you, to grow. Spirituality can’t be explored using special methods because it involves deeply personal, subjective experience and in this it differs from the over ridding ambition of science to be objective.

Aim and Purpose:

  • Spirituality and yog originated in ancient India or say Indian Sub-continent, thus it becomes important for us to further explore it.
  • To achieve peace of mind through help of spirituality and yog.
  • To be in harmony with the nature.
  • To evolve spirituality and yog in engineering field and help it to further grow with the help of engineering.


  • Various engineering and science institutions across globe are under huge pressure to perform well.
  • Due to this, the burden falls on students and it is found that a huge number of students in various educational institutions are in depression.
  • This sometimes makes a student to commit suicide. Such cases are growing on large scale year by year.
  • Hence Spirituality and Yog can help such students to be in harmony and overcome depression.

ABES Engineering College Spirituality and Yog Club have organized many attractive events for its students and faculty member’s overall development. From Musical Exercise Session, Art of Living Meditation, different seminars and workshops on health and social issues have been conducted.
In future, Club is planning to generate some recreational activities and imbibe new recycling ideas like using earthen pots, also known as kulhad in other parts of country, plastic free campus, waste management, etc. We are aware of our CSR and ABES Engineering College is planning to adopt nearby villages and contribute in social and spiritual development of it, also will conduct workshops to teach yoga and its benefits to villagers and help them to remain fit and healthy.

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