Women Welfare & Grievance Redressal Cell

For gender equality & gender justice in all its intervention & practices Woman Welfare and Grievance Redressal Cell (WWGRC) was established under the Act No.20 of 1990 of Govt. of India in ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.

The Cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students & staff about Woman Grievances at the college. According to the Hon. Supreme Court of India, definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior, such as:

  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually Colored remarks
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

The functions of the cell are to purely safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members of women and also to provide a platform for listening to complaints.

Internal Complaints Committee will examine all matters relating to women in the workplace and will make suggestions and proposals to the institute administration regarding such matters. The committee will arrange programs on Women’s Day and at other times, as is deemed necessary.


  • 01WWGRC is formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere among the staff and students. To enlighten the women students about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender amity and programmes concerning women welfare.
  • 02To uphold the dignity of the college by ensuring free atmosphere in the college by promoting cordial student to student relationship, student to teacher relationship and staff to staff relations etc. This cell helps staff, students & parents to record their complaints and solve their common problems and personal grievances. Woman harassment complaints will be handled as per government guidelines by respective section.

Objectives of the Committee

  • To consider the complaints of grievances from female teaching staff, non-teaching staff and girl students.
  • To investigate all the complaints/charges thoroughly and professionally within stipulated time.
  • To ensure confidentiality and time bound response to the complaints and build confidence about impartiality.
  • To undertake motivational and developmental activities for female staff and girl students.
  • To sensitize girl students about the demands of corporate life and work culture.

Complaint / grievance procedure

  • A grievance box is kept near reception for collecting the complaints.
  • Woman employees or female students have the right to lodge a complaint concerning sexual harassment against a male student or the employee of the institute, by putting the written and signed complaint in the complaint box, which is to be placed in the office, library and girls hostel.
  • In case of sexual harassment the complainant shall include the specific nature of the incident, date and the place of the incident, name of all parties involved as well as a detailed report of all pertinent facts.
  • Don’t feel a sense of shame. Tell the harasser very clearly that you find his behavior offensive. Don’t ignore the harassment in the hope that it will stop on its own. Come forward and complain.
  • Talk to somebody you trust about the harassment. It will not only give you strength but also help others in similar situations to come forward and complain.


  • Committee members —personal profiles.
  • Agendas and minutes of the meetings.
  • List of women faculty and staff with qualifications, designations, experience etc.
  • Training Programmes for women faculty and staff.
  • Grievances of women.
  • Review reports (Semester wise)

A handbook on sexual harassment of women at workplace is released by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India in November 2015.


Core members:

S.No Name Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1 Dr. Neerja Jindal Chairperson 9990475497 neerja.jindal@abes.ac.in
2 Ms. Nitika Jain Co-Chairperson 9999889342 registrar@abes.ac.in
3 Ms. Nandita Goyal Member Secretary 8130157451 nandita.goyal@abes.ac.in

Faculty Representatives:

S.No Name Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1 Ms. Gaganpreet Kaur ME 9711043008 gaganpreet.kaur@abes.ac.in
2 Ms. Isha Rajput EN 9911870704 isha.rajput@abes.ac.in
3 Ms. Amita Tripathi AS 9910332903 amita.tripathi@abes.ac.in
4 Dr. Twinkle Razdan AS 9958834017 twinkle.razdan@abes.ac.in
5 Ms. Garima Srivastava CE 7080161711 garima.srivastava@abes.ac.in
6 Ms. Shikha Dubey MBA 9811829217 shikha.dubey@abes.ac.in
7 Ms. Khushbu Bansal ECE 9711188930 khushbu.bansal@abes.ac.in
8 Ms. Pallavie Tyagi ECE 9634043251 pallavie.tyagi@abes.ac.in
9 Ms. Pratibha Singh CSE 7838790815 pratibha.singh@abes.ac.in
10 Ms. Amrita Jyoti CSE 97110044991 amrita.jyoti@abes.ac.in
11 Ms. Shahi Singh Hostel 9818267112 Shashi.singh@abes.ac.in
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