Induction Program of B.Tech 1st Year Batch 2018 from 1st to 21st August, 2018. - ABES ENGINEERING COLLEGE | Rank 1 in AKTU

Induction Program of B.Tech 1st Year Batch 2018 from 1st to 21st August, 2018.

  • Date & Time:
    • August 01, 2018
  • Venue:

    ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad

Induction program for B.Tech. I year students, as per the AICTE mandate and the guidelines of AKTU, for the academic session 2018- 2019 is being held at ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, from 1 August- 21 August, 2018.

The three week induction program has been planned to acquaint the students with the skills and knowledge in the areas of studies, for understanding of the society, human relationship and the proximity with the nature. The activities of the induction program will help the students in character building, developing innovations, instilling sense of responsibilities as an engineer, a citizen and a human being. The students are participating and will be participating in various events like Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics, Mild Physical Activity & Yoga, Creative Arts, Proficiency Modules, Literary Events, Sports & Games, Soft Skill Sessions, Play Skit, Diagnostic tests, Inspirational and Motivational Lectures by Eminent People, Visit to Local Areas, Visit to Labs , Core departments, functional areas, utility centers; supplemented with Orientation Sessions. The activities are designed so as to make the students feel comfortable and help to adjust in their new environment and inculcate the ethos of the institution, develop sensitivity, understanding and bonding with self, peer mates, faculty, supporting staff, senior fellows, society and nature. The structured class room sessions will be used to rectify deficiencies in basic sciences, including English, soft skills and computer proficiency. The students will be engaged throughout the day and will build self-confidence, get rid of hesitation and fear before the start of the normal classes. The events of the induction program are spread over multiple venues in the campus as per the suitability of the activities.

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