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Industrial Visit to Voltrans Energy, Sahibabad

  • Date & Time:
    • April 04, 2019
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Industrial Visit to Voltrans Energy, Sahibabad for EN-2nd Year (section- A)& EC-2nd Year on 4th & 5th April 2019

The industrial visit was very informative for the students of EN & EC 2nd year. They learned how PV system converts sunlight into electrical current with the help of solar cells. PV System consists of solar cells, inverters and a substructure with which solar cells are mounted on the roof surface. As soon as sunlight hits the solar cells, a direct current is created in the silicon wafers of the cell. The dc flows to an inverter that converts to ac with a voltage of 230V. The potential in the solar industry and job opportunities in the coming years was also discussed. Installation of plant mounting structure was first learned and then it was done practically on the site by the students. They also assembled the modules and learnt the function of electrical & electronic equipment used in a plant on the site. Students participated enthusiastically in theoretical and practical activities taken by the trainers on site. Then electrical checking of PV modules, SMB/SCB, inverters, transformer, LT/HT panel, cable and connector was demonstrated and explained well to all students.

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