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Beyond Placements

At ABES we believe in delivering excellence in placement solutions. Beyond placements, ABES specializes in providing client companies with top quality professionals. To accomplish this goal our Training and Development team of CCPD is continuously analyzing changes in the worldwide marketplace.In today’s world, organizations are not only looking for individuals with a prescribed technical skill set, but also with an ability to demonstrate hard skills effectively. Training and Development Team of CCPD has created platforms like SEEP (Student Employability Enhancement Program), ASEP (Aptitude Skills Enhancement Program), GATE Preparation, SSB Preparation and many more.

Student Employability Enhancement Program (SEEP)

Employability skills can be broadly defined as personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job and career prospects. Whether it involves face to face customer interaction or indirect correspondence over telephone or through e-mail. Employees adept at Employability skills will achieve both individual as well as organizational success. Hence these skills are critical to showcasing one’s hard skills; both can be considered to be two sides of the same coin – one without the other has no impact.
In order to inculcate these skills the T&D team of CCPD introduced SEEP program of 100 hrs. The program started three years back and brought in significant increase in the quality and number of placements.

BEC (Business English Certification)

Business English Certification from University of Cambridge is an internationally accepted qualification in English for work. It is trusted by several Employers and Universities around the Globe. ABES EC is well known for its constant endeavors towards student betterment. Therefore CCPD (T & D) has given a golden opportunity to the students to appear for BEC examination. To bring in the real improvement in our students, CCPD (T & D) conducts the preparatory classes for BEC Examination.

ASEP (Aptitude Skills Enhancement Program)

Aptitude test is usually the first step in the recruitment process in most of the companies. In order to prepare the students adequately we provide 60 hrs ASEP program in their pre final year.

Aptitude includes quantitative, logical reasoning, verbal ability and many more genres of calculations and logics. Anything which is related to logic always fascinates the students. This workshop is designed to avoid the stress of students during the last hours of placement preparation. The Success of this workshop has added another feather of pride in the cap of ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad. The students’ participation has been overwhelming and worth praising in these classes. As a result of this initiative, the selection percentage has raised up significantly.

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