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Gesture Remote Control


This device, worn over the back of the palm and the wrist, captures the hand gestures of the user and after some filtering and processing sends them wirelessly to a small sized receiver.The receiver after converting these gestures into a set of pre-defined commands, makes them available over a standard UART port attached to it.In its present format, the device is capable of differentiating between seven different types of gestures. Initial experimental results have shown that the device responds in real-time and is very accurate while recognizing and differentiating various gestures.

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage 5volts (receiver) and 7 to 12volts (transmitter)
Device output UART
Wireless range 10 meter

Team Members

Name Designation Department
Ashish Chhonkar Asst. Professor CARE
Prathak Malik Student EC
Priya Katiyar Student EC
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