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Milk Spillover Saviour


It is a device which alerts the user by sounding an alarm just when the milk is about to boil and hence the user can switch off the gas preventing the spill-over. It uses non-contact IR temperature sensing technology so that we need not put the device inside the milk utensil.Another unique feature of this device is that it is designed to be placed over utensil or any size and quantity of milk inside it. Some of the major features of this device include:

  • No need to put the device inside the boiling container.
  • The device can be out over any utensil of any diameter.
  • High decibel buzzer which can be heard even from outside the kitchen.

Compared with similar product

Name of the Product Cost(Rs)
Abaxo Milk Alert 890
Milk Spillover Saviour 600(bulk production cost)

Team Members

Name Department Designation Admission No.
Divyang Tyagi CS Student 2014BCS1195
Siddhant Yadav ECE Student 2014BEC1088
Namrata Dwivedi CARE Asst. Professor  
NitiGupta CARE Asst. Professor  

Skill Set

  • Firmware development for Atmega328 using Arduino IDE.
  • Basic circuit designing and PCB Designing.
  • CAD designing of enclosures.
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