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Orientation Sensor


MPU6050 provides extremely stable values for yaw, pitch, and roll and is very commonly used for finding out the orientation of an object in space. Interfacing of this sensor with a controller is through the I2C protocol and the associated I2C library consumes the significant part of the flash memory of the controller and also hogs significant portion of the controller RAM.

Orientation Sensor is a hardware interface over the popular MPU6050 inertial motion sensor that makes the orientation data available in UART format, which is much easier to deal with. Orientation Sensor has its own dedicated controller that bears most of the computation load associated with the calculation of stable orientation values.

Technical Specifications

Size of device 36 x 49 x 12mm
Power consumption 100mW
Operating voltage 7 to 15 Volts
Device output UART


  • Development of motion sensing gaming consoles.
  • Any application that requires measurement of orientation.

Details of Team Members

Name Department Designation
Ashish Chhonkar CARE Assistant Professor

Skill Set

  • Basic circuit and PCB designing using Proteus.
  • Interfacing of inertial motion sensor (MPU6050) with the controller.
  • Firmware development for ATMega328 using Arduino IDE.
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