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RO Health Monitoring System


This product is a cost-effective health monitoring system for the RO water purifiers. The device keeps a track of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) value of the water purified by an RO System. The current TDS value can be obtained by sending an SMS to a pre-configured number. The device replies with an SMS mentioning the current TDS value.

The device is intended to bring down the cost of maintenance of RO systems. Themaintenance cost is borne by the RO system vendor (during the warranty period) or the user (after the expiary of warranty). With the RO Health Monitoring Systems installed the maintenance engineer will visit the installation site only when the TDS value of the filtered water has gone above a threshold (indicating a maintenance is required). This system reduces the number of unnecessary visits made by the manitenance engineer triggered either the user or by the commitment of regular maintenance as part of the warranty agreement.


Size 8 cm x 8 cm x 3cm(length x width x height)
TDS value range 20 - 350
Power supply 12 Volts and 1Ampere


  • Design and fabrication of sensor to measure the conductivity of water.
  • Basic circuit and PCB designing.

Team Members

Name Department
Rajnesh Singh CARE
Mathurendra Singh ECE
Manshi Singh ECE
Mayank Jha ECE
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