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Wireless Motor Driver Shield for Arduino


Most of competitive robotic applications require a driver circuit to drive motors and some mechanism of relaying data wirelessly to and from the robot. Market is aflush with DC motor drivers with a wide range of current capacities. As far as wireless connectivity is concerned hobbyists tend to use Bluetooth 2.0 based modules.

This product combines a motor driver (500 mA current capacity) with Bluetooth 2.0 module into a single solution in the form of an ArduinoUno shield.The driver can be controlled by four digital IO pinsand the Bluetooth functionality can be accessed from two digital pins (configured as software serial pins). The shield engages a total of six digital IO pins of the Arduino board.

Technical Specifications

Maximum dimensions of the shield 36 mm x 49 mm x 12mm
Shield operating voltage 7 to 12 volts
Motor operating voltage 4.5 to 36 volts
Device output UART


  • Hobby robotics where wheeled robots are to be developed.

Team Members

Name Designation Department
Ashish Chhonkar Assistant Professor CARE

Skill Sets

  • Basic circuit and PCB designing.
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