SWAYAM is a programme initiated by Government of India. The objective of this effort is to take the best teaching learning resources to all. SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students. The Courses taught through Swayamare the best courses and the Instructor are from IIT’s, NIT’s and from Top Insttution of India.

The Courses are aimed to prepare the students for GATE preparations as well as Learning New Technologies.
As ABESEC is a Local Chapter for Swayam, so under this Our students also participate in the Courses under Swayam-NPTEL. Which has the following advantages:
1. Best in class Instructions
2. Weakly Assignments
3. Regular Learning

Dr. APJ AKTU also promotes MOOCs through making Essential for Hons. Degree


This is one of the Great achievement by ABESEC Students as well as Faculty Members.

Overall Result
NPTEL Jan-Apr 2019
Certificate Type Total
Elite + Gold 24
Elite+Silver 110
Elite 103
Successfully Conducted 68
Course Wise Result
Courses Name Certificate Percentage Topper (All India Rank)
Joy of computing using Python Aditya Tyagi (Student – CSE) Elite+Gold 99.00% Topper of 1% in this course
Wild Life Ecology Ms. TWINKLE RAJDAN (Faculty – AS&HU) Elite+Gold 99.00% Topper of 5% in this course
Programming in Java ARNAV TYAGI (Student – CSE) Elite+Gold 97.00% Topper of 2% in this course
Joy of computing using Python HARSHI SINGHAL (Student – CSE) Elite+Gold 94.00% Topper of 2% in this course
Principles of Signals and Systems DHEERAJ SINGH (Faculty – ECE) Elite+Gold 90.00% Topper of 1% in this course
Geotechnical Engineering II Foundation Engineering JYOTI AGARWAL (Faculty – Civil) Elite+Gold 90.00% Topper of 1% in this course
Computer Organization and Architecture: A Pedagogical Aspect PARASHU RAM PAL (Faculty – IT) Elite+Gold 90.00% Topper of 2% in this course
Problem solving through Programming In C AKSHAT GUPTA Elite+Silver 86.00% Topper of 1% in this course
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