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Centre for Industrial Outreach

Every institute must strive to strike a close coordination with Industry. This is fundamental to growth of academics, industry and the nation. Any relation that has been, is or could be successful is the one where the involved parties have a mutually beneficial outlook.

We always envisage what the industry needs from our students now, in today’s context and how can that be delivered. This thought and the courage to create disruptive academic models gives us the strength to approach industry and ask for opportunities to solve their problems. We remain realistic and expect to undertake and be offered only bottom of the pie problems of industry to begin with. But we have firm faith, that over time we will be able to move up the pyramid and that journey will be worthwhile; full of challenges and opportunities.

We have started the journey already and tasted success twice. For our efforts in R&D-for-industry we have received accolades and certificates by none other than our industrial partners themselves and these are the rewards we cherish. We want industry to build new and innovative products where the corporates need to focus only on the product development, testing, manufacturing and sales and service aspects, and leave the innovation and R&D on us, the academic institutions.
We want our students to experience industry by working with industry right in the college premises and we firmly foresee a future where our students would be the first choice of industry for induction of the next batch of engineers. This is possible, we have a resolve to make it possible.

Industry Visits to Campus

Industry representatives have visited our campus and have been left awed by the kind of innovative work that we are doing at institute level. We are not only meeting what they expect from an institute at technical level, we are far exceeding that expectation. We are creating products that solve real problems using technology innovation. We are using 3D printers, PCB etching machines and other latest jigs and fixtures to create working prototypes. All this is done by involving students and exposing them to design thinking in action. They are allowed to play around with ideas and materialize the intangible to tangible in a conducive and supporting environment.

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